The Game of Life

Checkered Game of Life board; 1860, Milton Bradley  The Game of Life was first invented in the 1860. It was called The Checkered Game of Life was what it was called when it was first invented. Milton Bradley was the one who invented the first Game of Life. The overall design of the game was a checkerboard. It had alternating red and white squares in an eight by eight grid. The red squares were “safe” squares and nothing happened to you when you arrived on them. The white squares , however, had words on them. The words could mean positive or negative. They meant you had to do what it said. They variate from honesty and truth to crime and ruin. With the factors that the board was checkered and you would go through highs and lows of life, He decided on the title. It was The Checkered Game of Life.

For the Game of Life we have now, it is a lot different. It has become a “trail” to follow with choices along the way. It is a lot more modern with more modern choices and tasks to complete. There are vibrant card you take along the trail. You also stuff your car with your spouse and children as you get married and move along life. You can see how different The Game of Life has changed over the years.

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