Favorite Everything

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I have many favorite flavors. My favorite ie cream flavor is Cookies n’ Cream though, I don’t like chocolate. For Cake it is pretty much the same thing. I love strawberry and vanilla, but I can’t stand chocolate. For other treats, like slushies or popsicles, I prefer the cherry or grape.

For foods, I like a lot of different types of food. My favorite fruit is probably cantaloupe. My favorite vegetable is sweet corn on the cob. When it comes to meat, I like a lot of different ones. My favorite would have to be steak though. What is my favorite type of drink? You may ask. It would be blue raspberry lemonade.

Now for my favorite colors. I do not have one favorite color, but I like yellow, blue, and like a blue green. My favorite sport is basketball and you can tell by the clothes I wear. I wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt every day unless it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. These are my favorites.


Pictures from:  chewoutloud.com    mccormick.com     foodnetwork.com

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