I am Poem for Writing Wednesday


I am Isabelle Wilson.

I wonder what other people think.

I hear so many things throughout the day.

I see many beautiful colors.

I want people to treat me with kindness.

I am an amazing friend when someone needs one.


I pretend I am a superhero sometimes.

I feel like I am one of a kind.

I touch pretty much everything I see.

I worry when I am not sure what is up ahead.

I cry when I see other people crying.

I am a great friend when someone needs comfort.


I understand when people need help.

I say kind things to others.

I dream I am amazing.

I try to do things the best I can.

I hope people enjoy having me around them.

I am ME 🙂


Picture From: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/

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