4th of July (week 4 activity 5)

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Did you know that the voting day for this independence was on July 2nd? Did you know that the bell was not wrung on July 4th, but July 8th? Did you know that a lot of people who were important also died on July 4th a later year?

I am writing about the 4th of July. The whole United States celebrates the 4th of July. It is when our country became independent. We celebrate it each year. It was final when a lot of people signed the Declaration of Independence. The four most famous people who signed it were John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin , John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

It became a holiday that all of our country celebrate with usually fireworks and a cookout. The three colors of our flag are red white, and blue. White signifies purity, Red represents the hardiness, and Blue signifies perseverance & justice. The 50 stars on the flag also represent the 50 states. Every summer since July 4th, 1776, The USA has celebrated this holiday when the 13 colonies became independent. We were free and on our own.

There are also lots of parades, speeches, music, public readings of the declaration, and of course fireworks. There are more than 14,000 (75,000 lbs) firework shows each year on the Independence Day. There are still over 2 million people who celebrate this honored holiday. I think it is an important day we will never forget.


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