My Blog Evaluation

My blog evaluation, where to begin. I start blogging of my 7th grade year at McDowell Middle School. I have written 23 blog posts since then (including this one). I had 7 school based posts, 8 own interest pots, and 20 posts set by the challenge.

I had a couple of comments, 3 from classmates, 1 teacher, and 4 other students. Over the whole challenge I have received 8 comments, and most of them were based on my puzzle. There comments were posting their times it took them to do it so others couls beat it. Another interesting fact about my bog is that there are tons of pictures. To be exact, there are 32 picts.

The post I enjoyed writing the most was about the picture. I enjoyed writing with a picture to base it off of so that readers have a picture to base the information off of. I have 6 widgets, and I thing that is too little. I feel like I could find maybe a couple of countdowns or something.

Even though I do not have many widget, I have a lot of blogs on my blog roll. To be precise, there are 27 blogs. Most of them are class mates, but some are other people. The other web tools I used were bunny hero lab, images from Google Images, a colorful background, and the iBlog theme. I really liked participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.


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