The Game of Life

Checkered Game of Life board; 1860, Milton Bradley  The Game of Life was first invented in the 1860. It was called The Checkered Game of Life was what it was called when it was first invented. Milton Bradley was the one who invented the first Game of Life. The overall design of the game was a checkerboard. It had alternating red and white squares in an eight by eight grid. The red squares were “safe” squares and nothing happened to you when you arrived on them. The white squares , however, had words on them. The words could mean positive or negative. They meant you had to do what it said. They variate from honesty and truth to crime and ruin. With the factors that the board was checkered and you would go through highs and lows of life, He decided on the title. It was The Checkered Game of Life.

For the Game of Life we have now, it is a lot different. It has become a “trail” to follow with choices along the way. It is a lot more modern with more modern choices and tasks to complete. There are vibrant card you take along the trail. You also stuff your car with your spouse and children as you get married and move along life. You can see how different The Game of Life has changed over the years.

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Favorite Everything

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I have many favorite flavors. My favorite ie cream flavor is Cookies n’ Cream though, I don’t like chocolate. For Cake it is pretty much the same thing. I love strawberry and vanilla, but I can’t stand chocolate. For other treats, like slushies or popsicles, I prefer the cherry or grape.

For foods, I like a lot of different types of food. My favorite fruit is probably cantaloupe. My favorite vegetable is sweet corn on the cob. When it comes to meat, I like a lot of different ones. My favorite would have to be steak though. What is my favorite type of drink? You may ask. It would be blue raspberry lemonade.

Now for my favorite colors. I do not have one favorite color, but I like yellow, blue, and like a blue green. My favorite sport is basketball and you can tell by the clothes I wear. I wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt every day unless it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. These are my favorites.


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I am Poem for Writing Wednesday


I am Isabelle Wilson.

I wonder what other people think.

I hear so many things throughout the day.

I see many beautiful colors.

I want people to treat me with kindness.

I am an amazing friend when someone needs one.


I pretend I am a superhero sometimes.

I feel like I am one of a kind.

I touch pretty much everything I see.

I worry when I am not sure what is up ahead.

I cry when I see other people crying.

I am a great friend when someone needs comfort.


I understand when people need help.

I say kind things to others.

I dream I am amazing.

I try to do things the best I can.

I hope people enjoy having me around them.

I am ME 🙂


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4th of July (week 4 activity 5)

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Did you know that the voting day for this independence was on July 2nd? Did you know that the bell was not wrung on July 4th, but July 8th? Did you know that a lot of people who were important also died on July 4th a later year?

I am writing about the 4th of July. The whole United States celebrates the 4th of July. It is when our country became independent. We celebrate it each year. It was final when a lot of people signed the Declaration of Independence. The four most famous people who signed it were John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin , John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

It became a holiday that all of our country celebrate with usually fireworks and a cookout. The three colors of our flag are red white, and blue. White signifies purity, Red represents the hardiness, and Blue signifies perseverance & justice. The 50 stars on the flag also represent the 50 states. Every summer since July 4th, 1776, The USA has celebrated this holiday when the 13 colonies became independent. We were free and on our own.

There are also lots of parades, speeches, music, public readings of the declaration, and of course fireworks. There are more than 14,000 (75,000 lbs) firework shows each year on the Independence Day. There are still over 2 million people who celebrate this honored holiday. I think it is an important day we will never forget.


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My Cartoon



If you cant read it, it says ,

Yellow:  Everybody do the stick person

Green: Ok

Blue: Alright

Green: This is fun


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My Blog Evaluation

My blog evaluation, where to begin. I start blogging of my 7th grade year at McDowell Middle School. I have written 23 blog posts since then (including this one). I had 7 school based posts, 8 own interest pots, and 20 posts set by the challenge.

I had a couple of comments, 3 from classmates, 1 teacher, and 4 other students. Over the whole challenge I have received 8 comments, and most of them were based on my puzzle. There comments were posting their times it took them to do it so others couls beat it. Another interesting fact about my bog is that there are tons of pictures. To be exact, there are 32 picts.

The post I enjoyed writing the most was about the picture. I enjoyed writing with a picture to base it off of so that readers have a picture to base the information off of. I have 6 widgets, and I thing that is too little. I feel like I could find maybe a couple of countdowns or something.

Even though I do not have many widget, I have a lot of blogs on my blog roll. To be precise, there are 27 blogs. Most of them are class mates, but some are other people. The other web tools I used were bunny hero lab, images from Google Images, a colorful background, and the iBlog theme. I really liked participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.


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Why Haven’t We Solved World Hunger Yet??



World hunger is a problem happening all over the world. There are things and organizations you can take part in to help end world hunger. Did you know that $25 can provide over 100 meals. World Hunger Can be Solved. We need to help solve this solvable problem.

There are many different ways to look at world hunger. Some facts are listed below:

1.)  Hunger is the world’s greatest solvable problem

2.) 1/3 of all children’s deaths are related to hunger

3.) 925,000,000 are hungry every day, billions of tons of food is wasted

5.) 1 in 7 people are hungry, a lot of food is wasted

One organization I have heard about is World Vision. It is a group that goes around to all the poor countries and takes the information of each poor child and makes a packet. When you see their booth or even online, you get to choose a packet and support that child by donating money each month to but the child his/her personal needs.

One organization my family takes part in is Food for the Hungry. We sponsor 2 girls named Timbia and Buke. I forget what country they are in but this Christmas, we can Choose a couple of animals or just one and we buy it to go to her family for the Christmas Season.

I feel like we can solve this solvable problem. Go out and maybe just donate a can of food to your closest food pantry. If everyone goes out and donates, we can put this problem behind.

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My Count Three Challenge


I did the count out three challenge and the 1st blog I went to was Hannah’s Reading Blog. From there I found Vanessa’s Blog. From Vanessa’s blog rool, I clicked on Dahlia’s Blog link. The second count out three challenge I did started on was AHT’s Blog. From there I went to Tia’s Learning Blog. Then I went to Kiki’s Blog. For my third count out three challenge, I started at another Hannah’s Blog. The blog I chose from her blog roll is Valerie’s Blog. From there I went to Morgan’s Blog. That was my three count out three challenges. Hope you like their blogs.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day, what does that mean to me. Veterans Day to me means that we give an extra thanks to our veterans. Veterans are people who have served in war for our country. They have sacrificed their life to serve our country. Our freedom is not free. Many people go out and fight for our freedom.

Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day. The first Armistice Day was on 11/ 11/ 1918. The end of World War I was in the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. THat day was considered “the war to end all wars.” That is confusing because we had a World War II and there are wars going on right now.

On May 13, 1938, and act made Armistice Day a legal holiday. It is a day to be dedicated to the people who served for our freedom. An act in 1938 changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day. On June 1st, 1854, November 11th, the holiday became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.

I think that Veterans Day means that we need to respect everyone who has served or is serving. I think it is important to give a holiday to our veterans.


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